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Meet the Band
Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar
& Vocals

Star-ted playing professionally at the age of fifteen. He has backed up many recording artists such as Chuck Berry, Richie Havens and REO SpeedWagon etc. His background comes from the rock and roll tradition of the 60’s.

In the band Star sings lead vocals and back up harmonies along with lead guitar and bass guitar. He’s married to the keyboard player, Geri-Lynn and together they have a family that includes four children.

Star’s a nature lover who likes to hike, garden and ride mountain bikes. He is originally from Illinois and played all the circuits between Chicago and St. Louis.

Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar
& Vocals

Doug is a technically trained musician who studied music in college. He has produced and recorded 70 original albums along with doing studio work with bands in New York.

In Star People Doug sings lead vocals and back up harmonies along with bass guitar and lead guitar. He loves to help emerging teenage musicians with their recordings.

Doug is a landscaper and gardener who enjoys beautifying his rural property that he has shared with his wife, Cat (percussionist) for many years. He is originally from the Bay Area near San Francisco.

Bill was “Raised on Radio” in the Bay Area and is a fan of many genre’s of music. He played Big Band Jazz from middle school through college. He traveled with his high school marching band all over California, to Hawaii and New York for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Bill has kept his chops up over the years and when he decided to go public again, fate stepped in and brought him to Star People through his daughter’s friend, Zack. The fit was like an old glove and the meld created a dynamic and versatile sound that covers four decades of music.

When Bill isn’t rocking under the bright lights, he stays close to nature with his professional tree and landscaping business. His wife, daughter and menagerie of animals also keep him grounded.

Keyboard, Bass
& Back-up Vocalist
Geri-Lynn is the fabulous keyboard player and back up vocalist for Star People. She has been playing professionally for fifteen years and adds the musical fabric that completes the sounds of the band.

She’s married to Star (guitarist) and together they make up a family that includes four children.

She loves swimming, hiking, and camping with her family. Growing up on a farm, Geri-Lynn is originally from the St. Louis area.

Percussionist &
Back-up Vocalist

Cat is the beautiful percussionist and back up vocalist for Star People. She loves to dance with the music while performing and inspires the audience to get up out of their chairs.

She has a son in college and is married to Doug (guitarist). She enjoys making stained glass in her spare time along with visiting different hot springs.

Cat comes from a true Italian family that immigrated to Northern California. She is originally from San Francisco.

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